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Our Rooms

At Little Minnows our days are not rigidly structured but all our rooms do try to keep to a routine that children recognise and anticipate. A familiar routine helps to ensure your child feels happy and secure, we are committed to inclusion and meeting children’s individual needs.

The spacious property allows us to deliver appropriate environments for all ages and levels of development. Little Minnows is divided into four generously staffed rooms:

Age 3 to 12 months

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Our young babies are cared for by our dedicated and fully qualified team. Their room is clean and light with a variety of sensory resources that boosts their awareness of the world around them.
They have a separate sleep room with wooden cots and a calm atmosphere to ensure they get the restful sleep they need. We will endeavour to match and follow your baby’s home routine in order to smooth their transition into our setting.


Age 12 to 24 months

Tiddlers room, safe and secure, heuristic play, little minnows, 12-24 months
Tiddlers room, safe and secure, heuristic play, little minnows, 12-24 months

Our older babies have a large space to crawl, cruise and explore. The resources here are focussed on guided discovery and heuristic play to kindle an inquisitive mind.
Our excellent nursery staff support the children’s language development with singing, stories and plenty of verbal games to encourage plenty of imitation and conversation.


Age 2 to 3 years

Children in the Nippers room are actively encouraged to learn through play, to build positive relationships and begin to develop a sense of independence in exploring the world around them. We make sure there is plenty of outdoor play come rain or shine as well as painting, sensory play, mark making and construction to keep them busy and to help develop their creativity and movement skills. We encourage the children to make choices and begin to develop skills for their own independence.


Age 3 to 5 years

Our pre-school children benefit from two large rooms as they gradually prepare for school. One having a creative focus with art and craft materials and the other a more homely feel. Thus allowing your child to feel comfortable whether they are feeling inspirational or reflective. Both rooms have free-flow access to our large garden and it’s more explorative and adventurous areas to encourage your child’s independence.

If you want to register an interest with Little Minnows Nursery please drop in to see us on Lemon Street, fill in the Enquiry Form on the main page, call us on 01872 307788 or an email to Hayley and Tom at enquiries@littleminnows.co.uk.